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Black Friday

Modelo: @ เป๊าะ แป๊ะ ‘

You are strong and important. Smart, pretty, cheeky and sociable. You lose everything and you don’t care. You break mobile phones and cameras, which makes you a fucking mess. You hate loneliness and awesome people, you love karaoke and geek. You love little children’s drawings, you love modern. Your favorite place to live would be the beach, you study too much, you play terrible


tennis but with the sing-star you give it your all, you sing at all hours. You are strong and at the same time very fragile. You fear losing who loves you, you do not believe in love on a Monday … and Saturday comes and you fall in love. You like all kinds of food and eat without being hungry. You hate making bed and tidying up your things. You love life and everything that surrounds it. You are a free being, you do not belong to anyone and nobody belongs to you.

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