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Model : Fon Parita Chairak

Maybe in time I’m realizing things. It is true that they say that you learn with sticks, but I think that once is not enough, at least in my case. Sometimes it is necessary to trip over the same stone a few times to assimilate things well. Time is the best friend of the experience and with it you get to control many aspects of your life. The truth is that sometimes I ask myself questions, or even past situations,


that right now I would know how to assimilate in another way. Each time I realize it by living my experiences in other people. When the same thing happens to me as in the past, I see myself reflected in them and I realize what time helps to heal. It is true that you can give millions of tips once the situation has been overcome, but the strange thing about a human being is that he puts his heart before reason, even knowing that the least painful and easy way is to forget. One of the great questions of sentimental life is why it is so difficult for us to forget things.

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