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The expression on your child’s face the early morning when we looked out to see the gifts in the living room. Your jumps and smiles to wake up mom and dad at 8 in the morning because you couldn’t wait any longer. The emotion you felt when they gave you what you didn’t ask for because it was too expensive but that Dad always ended up buying from us. The illusion of dressing in new clothes to go out to grandma’s house and then go to lunch for the anniversary of mom and dad.


You see, everything that the word illusion can hide for a person. That is why it is the only thing on my list, the illusion that you gave me and that is no longer there. So every time they ask me what I want at Christmas, the word illusion inevitably comes to mind but then I discover that, in reality, the only thing I want is you here again, making my life happy. And that, perhaps, is too much to ask so it is better to say that I do not want anything although in reality

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