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Model : @paphawrin pettang

They say that people are not all the same, right? That there is something that differentiates them, something that differentiates us from each other because there are supposed to be infinite types of people. By this I mean that there are people to go out, to tell you about your intimacies, to laugh, cry, drink … do you understand? As there are also to live the most intense moments of your life, people who love you, who


will never leave. Interested people, hypocrites, believed … Stupid people, without intelligence, with no desire to live life and they will try to ruin yours … There are also those that the farther the better, or the closer the better. There are those that can only screw up your life, such as those that can lead your ego to the most intense happiness. There are other types of them that come in a pack and have a mixture of everything a little on top.

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