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Model : Carolis Mok

I met you in the middle of the chaos of my past that does not let me move forward. At first I noticed you as anyone could notice someone new that makes you curious. Little by little we began to talk because of the daily routine that made us coincide and you were awakening things in me that I thought no one could take out again. On any given day I decided to notice your laughter, your eyes, your way of expressing yourself, your voice … This girl has something that makes me want to have her around.


But my past was still there, leaving me with my hands tied and a backpack of stones that prevented me from running away. And you, meanwhile, continued to give me no signs beyond the few that I thought I was interpreting. Sometimes you looked for me with your eyes and other times you did not even notice that I was two meters away from you.
It began to be a challenge that you realized that she existed, that she wanted to meet you. A challenge that made me nervous in the stomach when you were and I did not know how to approach you without you running away.

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