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Modelo: Pimploy Chitranapawong

To you who have come into my life without waiting for it. That you do not know what I have become or what I could be. I want you to understand my past, to accompany me while mending the wounds that remain in it. You deserve to know that I still can’t be yours, that the forgetfulness of his body hurts and perhaps that is not good for you. You don’t need to say anything, just listen. I am pain and joy, I am the roller coaster that as a child you were afraid to climb. I am the sea you shouldn’t trust and run away from. I don’t know who


I am, but I’m everything that doesn’t suit you. I am missing pieces that she has left lying around. I don’t want to trick you and tell you I’ll be fine, so I don’t want to get used to me. You don’t deserve the monster that was created here. But if you decide to stay you should know that I will have days when I will not understand myself, that I like your eyes but sometimes looking at them scares me and I would rather say no. I don’t know if I can love you even if I try, my heart is tired even if I tell him to look straight ahead. I’m not who you think, listen to me and do yourself a favor, if you really want to survive get away from me.

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