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Modelo: @Thanapa Sanmeesuk

It may be a little odd. One day you will see me crying on the ground, and the next one jumping up and down with joy. In the afternoon I can be the most charming and fun person that exists, or just the opposite. In the morning you better try to avoid my moods are too unstable. My smiles can amaze you, but I have scary looks. There will be days that I will be with you for 24 hours, hugging you.


weighing you down, making you laugh. Others, however, you will notice that I am not here, that nothing concerns me and nobody has to do with me, on those days I advise you not to make an effort or to touch me.
With time you will see that I am extreme, that with me it is black or white, that gray does not exist for me; Either I love you or I hate you, or I like something or I can’t even see it, or I don’t care about everything or everything influences me. You will also realize that I give myself everything to everything, that when I decide to do things, I do them giving all of myself,

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